At peak popularity, I get thousands of emails, phone calls, etc. every month. All of which are welcomed. Please know that I read nearly every letter and listen to nearly every message. (My guess is about 95 percent.) I also personally reply to many more than most people would. (My guess is about 75 percent.) But if you try to contact me and find yourself getting ignored, please accept my apology and just keep trying. I’m really trying my best!

In regard to music submissions: I welcome all CDs, Mp3’s or whatever you’ve got. You don’t have to send me an email asking if it’s okay to send me stuff. Just do it! I’ll get back to you when we’ve decided to play you on the station.

Here’s how to reach me:


Regular ole US mail:
It’s a long story why I have two addresses. Just take your pick.

Don Cudd (aka HossTheBoss)
1317 Maryland
Corpus Christi, Texas 78415


Don Cudd (aka HossTheBoss)
200 Damon Rd. #45
West Columbia, Texas 77485

Cell Phone (voice or text)

And if you want to know more about the “real” guy behind Hoss The Boss, just look me up at

See ya’ll — Hoss/Don/Whatever

Special note: Yes, there are several other people involved with Just soon as we get more organized, I’ll list their contact information here.