About the Station

The stream we are building at HossTheBoss.com will be Hoss’s second run. The first lasted from 2006 – 2012.

Hoss and his friends a very eclectic stream via an old “crappy ass” computer in his spare bedroom in Corpus Christi, Texas. The highlight of those years was the “Hossey Music Award Song Voting Contest Show,” which Hoss hosted live on Saturdays with his great friend (and fellow radio outcast) Tony Kinsel and one or two “guest DJs” each week, most of whom were independent musicians from various parts of the globe. The cruel reality of having to make a living (and care for his father) gave Hoss reason to quit this venture in May of 2012, and, for a brief period, his teenage blue-sensation friend Dillon Havins hosted the station from his mother’s very rural home outside of Austin, Texas.

But running a good internet radio station is a lot of work.

So, Dillon and his family gave the reins back to Hoss, and, this time, we’re building the thing with wisdom and patience.

The new-and-improved HossTheBoss.com stream (now headquartered in West Columbia, Texas, the city where Mrs. Hoss grew up and where The Hoss’s now reside) will capitalize on the great relationships Hoss and his friends made through the years with independent musicians across the world. (Who are we kidding? Most of the musicians live in the United States, but an intriguing number are from places like Canada, England, Scottland, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, New Zealand,  and even Jordan.)

We have three main goals with the new stream (and corresponding content of this site):

1. Help independent musicians connect with audiences who appreciate their art well enough to actually support it financially (by buying CDs and Mp3s and maybe even hosting house concerts).

2. Give intelligent DJs free reign to present music as creatively as their artistic instinct allows.

3. Help audiences discover musicians to whom they can relate as friends.

To that end, this site will host a separate page for each band we play on the stream. Content for each these pages will be written — and frequently updated — by a DJ(s) personally acquainted the band. We will also conduct many interviews with the bands we play and post these recordings on the various band pages. HossTheBoss.com will also strongly encourage listeners to post their comments on the various band pages, and each page will include links to how listeners can contact the bands, buy their music, hire them for a house concert or just go hear them at a club. The plans are in the works for a chat room directly on the site, so fans and musicians can communicate with each other, in real time, right on HossTheBoss.com.

HossTheBoss.com will receive a small commission off of many — but not all — music sales we refer or concerts we broker. And we are also happy to accept your donations through Live365.com. We will also offer for sale a line of clothing, bumper stickers and other such things that directly support our cause. (Oh yes, and we will have a few, relatively unobtrusive, advertising opportunities too.)

HossTheBoss.com’s affiliation with Live365 assures listeners that we are properly licensed, that musicians who are members of ASCAP, BMI and SESAC are duly compensated for the airtime we devote to them. But, to be honest, we can only afford to remain in operation, so long as our listeners are supporting us, too. While we will only rarely beg for financial help, we are as dependent upon it as are the musicians we play. We pray all listeners will remember that

Unlike our first, more arrogant, run at all this, the new HossTheBoss.com will not necessarily be out to save (or even change) the world. But, with your support of whatever you like about the station, that just may happen after all.