Listen Now, Dang It!

Okay, well, we’re guilty of false advertising. (But at least we admit it, right away, Keven Trudeau.) Fact is, you can’t listen now, dang it.

Alas,’s stream of eclectic, independent music will be returning very soon. And it will certainly be new and improved!

Hoss is famous for announcing dates and then missing those deadlines by months, so, this time, we’re not going to say when, exactly, the new stream will be coming.  “Soon” is all you get. (

No, you were not dreaming. Hoss did say in December that the new station would probably be running by “early” 2014. Then he did not protest when his friends at AaronFM posted on their site a more specific guess: January.

They were wrong, of course.  Such is life.

To be notified of when the stream has finally started, just “like” the facebook page. You can also just keep checking back here.  (And remember, June will still be “early” 2014, technically anyway.)

Thanks for your patience, dang it.

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